Care & Maintenance

Loose debris such as leaves and twigs can be easily removed by using a leaf blower or a standard broom or rake.

Your turf will be naturally cleaned every time it rains however if you live in an area where rain is scarce then we recommend spraying down your turf when you begin to notice the turf appears dirty.  Use a hose and spray nozzle. Be careful not to spray the turf with such pressure that it washes out the infill.


It is a good idea to periodically brush your turf with a stiff broom to keep the blades standing up straight.  Over time you may need to add infill if you notice that it has been washed away.  Simply sprinkle infill over the top off your turf and brush in with a stiff broom.  Areas exposed to high traffic may require more brushing than others.

If you notice some stains on your turf that plain water will not remove you can use basic household detergent mixed with water or “Simple Green”.  Visit for complete details and range of products available.  Do not use any cleaners that contain chlorine bleaches or caustic cleaners.  Once you are finished applying cleaner be sure to rinse your turf thoroughly with water to remove any traces of excess cleaner. Also note that it is always easiest to clean a spill when it happens rather than letting it dry and harden. 

If you have installed your Apex Turf of our “Ultimate Drain System” + Envirofill infill then it will be easy to keep your Apex Turf fresh and clean.  Simply flush the turf areas that have been exposed to urine and waste with a hose once a week or as needed.  If you notice any unpleasant odors a mixture of distilled vinegar and water or “Simple Green” can be used to neutralize them.  


Keep any kind of flames away from the turf.  This includes cigarettes, grills, fireworks, etc.  Also be sure that your turf is not exposed to any extreme heat created by reflective glass that may magnify the sun light and burn the turf.

For a friendly printable version of the Apex Synthetic Turf Care & Maintenance please view PDF.